Mandatory Lab Testing for All Cannabis Products

AZ Lab Testing

In Arizona, mandatory lab testing for medical marijuana products has not been a requirement of the AZ Medical Marijuana Program, however with the passage of Senate Bill 1494, all cannabis products must be tested by a certified independent third-party laboratory before they are sold to patients. The bill takes effect November 1, 2020, and the required testing will determine any unsafe levels of heavy metals, microbial contamination, growth-regulators, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or residual solids. Once the law takes effect, patients will have the right to view a copy of the test results from the dispensary upon request, and dispensaries are required to post a notice informing patients of their right to view the third-party lab test results.  The Arizona Department of Health Services is charged with developing rules and procedures to regulate and certify the laboratory testing facilities prior to the new law taking effect.

Currently Oasis provides our patients with testing results for many of our products, especially flower. We will not place flower on our shelves if we have not seen test results from the grower. This is one of many ways Oasis goes above and beyond to ensure the highest quality and customer service for our patients.

AZ Medical Marijuana Cards are Now Electronic

AZ Electronic Medical Records

Senate Bill 1494 also required the Arizona Department of Health Services to begin issuing digital patient cards as of December 1, 2019. Physical patient cards will be phased out as cards are lost, expired or replaced, however if your physical card is current, the dispensary will still accept them until their expiration date. Any cards issued after December 1, 2019 are now valid for 2 years, creating a great savings for AZ Medical Marijuana patients.

Patients can now access their medical marijuana card with their mobile device, or a copy of the digital card can be downloaded from the AZ Department of Health Services online portal and printed. We accept physical cards and digital cards at the dispensary, and a printout of your card may also be used with a valid ID.

At Oasis, we realize digital cards may be a challenge to some patients without Smartphones or internet access, so we can assist you with printing a card for your use in our dispensaries. We value your patronage and we want to make sure the AZ Medical Marijuana program is as easy as possible for you to navigate.

Recreational Use on the Arizona 2020 Ballot

AZ Recreational Use

Arizona voters may have the opportunity to approve the legalization of recreational marijuana use on the 2020 ballot. The Smart and Safe Act allows for the purchase and possession of one ounce of marijuana (or 5 grams of concentrate) at a time within the state by adults 21 years and older.

The Smart and Safe Act includes several measures to increase support for the legalization of recreational marijuana since a similar measure failed by a slim margin in 2016. Some highlights of the proposed act include:

  • The Department of Health Services would have until June 1, 2021 to establish rules for allowing dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana.
  • Adults may cultivate up to six marijuana plants at home.
  • Recreational marijuana would be subject to the normal sales tax rate and an additional 16% excise tax. (AZ Medical Marijuana card holders will not have to pay the excise tax)
  • Employers are not required to accommodate or permit the use of marijuana on the job. The act also does not restrict the rights of an employer to maintain a drug-free workplace.
  • The act does not allow marijuana use in open spaces or public places.
  • The act prohibits the sale of any marijuana product that resembles an animal, fruit, human, toy, insect or cartoon.
  • The proposed law does not allow for operating any heavy machinery or vehicle while under the influence of marijuana.

A complete copy of the Smart and Safe Act can be viewed here.

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