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This is “KYND” of a big deal…

Meet KYND, our new flower brand, your new favorite!
What do you get when you introduce a team of masterful cultivators to the finest selection of cannabis genetics? Flower that’s truly one of a KYND.

With 70+ years of collective experience, the team at KYND believes in letting the flower do all the talking.

What does KYND do differently?

Unlike most large-scale cannabis growers, KYND ensures every individual plant is given the time and attention it needs to produce the finest quality flower. This means whether they’re cloning or growing, harvesting or packaging, each KYND expert focuses on just one stage of the cannabis process—honing their craft, doing what they do best to harvest the highest quality at peak potency.

What strains are available?

From the big names we all know and love to “one-of-a-KYND” finds, each and every strain that they offer has been consciously curated with your individual needs in mind. Instead of the one size fits all approach, the team at KYND has taken the time to learn all about you. Their research and development team have dedicated their efforts to creating a range that elevates and enhances every KYND lifestyle. From sparking your creative juices to energizing, mood-boosters, every strain aims to deliver a well-balanced experience that will optimize your everyday.



Apple Fritter
Animals Cookies x Sour Apple

Critical Kush
Critical Mass x OG Kush

Wedding Crasher
Purple Punch x Wedding Cake

Tahoe OG
OG Kush Phenotype

Mr. Nasty
GMO X Grease Monkey

Lemon Butter
Lemon Puff x Peanut Butter Breath

Wedding Cake
Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Black Water OG
Mendo Purps x San Fernando Valley OG

Matanuska (Alaskan) Thunder F@#$

Super Lemon Haze
Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze
KYND will be available at all three of our stores this Friday, so head down to your local Oasis Cannabis dispensary and treat yourself to this one of a KYND flower!

For more information, visit:

#BeKYND & #FindYourOasis

Availability is subject to change. While supplies last on all products. Products may vary slightly by location.

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Food Truck Fridays at Oasis Cannabis
Community events, Food Trucks

Food Truck Fridays at Oasis

Food Truck Fridays

This Fall, Oasis Cannabis’ annual “Food Truck Fridays” campaign returns with a fresh lineup of new trucks plus some of last years’ favorites. On Fridays from September 17th to November 26th there will be a food truck at one or more of our three dispensary locations. More trucks are being added every day!



Friday, September 17th
Glendale: Tropical Sno Shave Ice (12-4pm)

Friday, September 24th
North Chandler: Blue House Coffee Company (4-6pm)
*Get a free cold brew coffee when you buy any Timeless cartridge between 4-6pm!

Friday, October 1st – Glendale 1 Year Anniversary
Glendale: Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken & Waffles (11am-4pm)
North Chandler: Tropical Sno Shave Ice (12-4pm)
South Chandler: Richie V’s Chicago Dogs (2-8pm)

Friday, October 8th
Glendale: Tropical Sno Shave Ice (12-4pm)
North Chandler: Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken & Waffles (11am-4pm)
South Chandler: Horney’s Hot Dogs (11am-3pm)

Friday, October 15th
North Chandler: Richie V’s Chicago Dogs (2-8pm)

Friday, October 22nd
North Chandler: Horney’s Hot Dogs (11am-3pm)

Friday, October 29th – Halloweekend
Glendale: Richie V’s Chicago Dogs (2-8pm)
South Chandler: Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken & Waffles (11am-4pm)
North Chandler: Modern Tortilla (2-6pm)

Friday, November 5th
Glendale: Horney’s Hot Dogs (11am-3pm)

Friday, November 12th
Glendale: Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken & Waffles (11am-4pm)
South Chandler: Richie V’s Chicago Dogs (2-8pm)
North Chandler: TBD

Friday, November 19th
North Chandler: Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken & Waffles (11am-4pm)

Friday, November 26th – Black Friday
South Chandler: Mr. Wonderful’s Chicken & Waffles (11am-4pm)
North Chandler: Richie V’s Chicago Dogs (2-8pm)
Glendale: TBD

Mark your calendar, because you don’t want to miss these!



Onsite Food Truck times, locations, promotions and availability are subject to change without notice. Business licenses, food permits and insurance information for all trucks available upon request. Not all dispensary locations will have Food Trucks every Friday.

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New Brands, Products

New Brand Alert – Origyn Now Available

New Brand Alert — Origyn Now Available

You heard it here first! Oasis Cannabis is bringing Origyn Extracts to the fine people of Arizona, and we have a great feeling about it. Here’s what to expect from the brand and a first look at the top-shelf products Origyn brings to the table.

Meet Origyn

Purity, preserved. Performance, peaked. Product, perfected.” Sure, it’s a tagline, but at Origyn, they’re walking the walk. The team is comprised of talented cannabis experts who share one focus — harnessing the raw power of the finest plants in the Origyn garden through next-level extractions. That means Origyn is hell-bent on surfacing the plant’s transformative benefits and sensorial properties through innovative extraction techniques that do one thing above all else—preserve the pure, high-quality, full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. Call them obsessive… in the very best way.

And you know what that means—the most authentic expression of the plant’s character, flavor, and fragrance, all in an effort to enhance your wellness, elevate your experience and expand the boundaries of cannabis as we know it.

Getting excited yet? We told you Origyn was good stuff!


Start with the (HTE) Cart

We launch this Friday, August 27, with six of Origyn’s HTE Cartridges:

• Garlotti Live Resin HTE
• LA Star Killer Cured HTE
• Cookie Glue Cured HTE
• Cherry Tang Cured HTE
• California Orange Cured HTE
• Jungle Juice Cured HTE

.5g Cured Resin terpenes ($35 each)
.5g Live Resin terpenes ($40 each)


These high-terpene extracts are exactly that, with a robust terpene profile that means unmatched flavor and fragrance. Origyn’s unique processes marry heat and pressure to preserve the terpenes exactly as they were on the flower, just like nature intended it. Plus, no cutting, thinning, or thickening agents are used in any of their products.
Mark your calendar, tie a string around your finger, or set an alarm—just don’t miss Origyn’s debut at all three Oasis Cannabis locations this Friday, August 27. We’ll see you then!


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