“Lose Yourself in the Haze.”

HAZE Cannabis Co. is a premium cannabis extraction company from Phoenix, AZ. Specializing in live and cured concentrates, this unique brand boasts connoisseur-quality products whilst maintaining prices attractive to the everyday consumer. Our first run of cured batter, crumble, sugar wax & shatter is now available exclusively at Oasis Cannabis.


“Our mission is to lead the industry by example and simply provide high quality cannabis products at an affordable price.” Brendan Crogan, Head Extractor
AZ Lab Testing


HAZE concentrates range in price from $30-$55 depending on quality and exclusivity. Live Resin products coming soon!
AZ Lab Testing

See all of our lab testing and current available strains here: hazecannaco.com/testing

AZ Lab Testing

“Lose Yourself in the HAZE.”