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Medical Only Delivery
Where would you like to order medical only delivery from?
Oasis has partnered with Supurb to bring our high quality menu right to your doorstep

Oasis Cannabis has partnered with Supurb to provide delivery for all of our 3 locations: North Chandler, South Chandler and Glendale. Thus, your order will be fulfilled by Supurb.

Keep in mind that Delivery is Medical Only.

Yes, Delivery is Medical Only. This means that you need to be verified to place an order and have your Arizona MMJ card.

If you want to order for Adult Use, please choose a Pick-up option at one of our locations and order from the Adult Use menu.

Once you select one of the Locations, you will be directed to the Supurb website. There you can select the products you want and launch the order.
You read more about Supurb and how they manage delivery here: If you are ready to order, just select any of the Locations above.
That's perfectly ok. Just go back, select your location and place your order.
S Chandler: MED: 00000036DCOP00819772 REC: 00000060ESTV86857950
N Chandler: MED: 00000100DCWU00857159 REC: 00000021ESQX24132908
Glendale: MED: 00000109DCIT00443532 REC: 00000051ESYP04501588