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$99 Gold tier popcorn OZs | 40% off Zazzo disposable vapes

January 26, 2022

Order online, save some time!
Get $20 off your entire purchase when you spend $150 or more on our website.
(Med & Rec, Limit 1 per order, Valid through January 31st)
Today’s deals for everyone:
– Spend $150, get a FREE HAZE concentrate, Lit Cannabis .5g cartridge or 1/8th of CRWN flower (Med & Rec, Limit 1)
– $59 1/2 OZs & $99 OZs all Gold tier popcorn flower (Med & Rec)
– $99 1/2 OZs all Harvest & DUO brand Platinum tier flower – $39 off! (Med & Rec)
– 2/$50 Origyn .5g HTE cartridges (Med & Rec)
– 40% off Zazzo disposable 1g vapes (Med & Rec)
– 20% off Grow Sciences 100mg rosin gummies (Med & Rec)
Everyday deals:
– Ask your budtender about our every day low pricing (EDLP) on Timeless, Lit, Copperstate, Drip & Noir cartridges
– Rotating weekly flower specials available at all three locations!
– Check out our “Big Spender” deals if you’re looking to buy in bulk
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