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This is “KYND” of a big deal…

Meet KYND, our new flower brand, your new favorite!
What do you get when you introduce a team of masterful cultivators to the finest selection of cannabis genetics? Flower that’s truly one of a KYND.

With 70+ years of collective experience, the team at KYND believes in letting the flower do all the talking.

What does KYND do differently?

Unlike most large-scale cannabis growers, KYND ensures every individual plant is given the time and attention it needs to produce the finest quality flower. This means whether they’re cloning or growing, harvesting or packaging, each KYND expert focuses on just one stage of the cannabis process—honing their craft, doing what they do best to harvest the highest quality at peak potency.

What strains are available?

From the big names we all know and love to “one-of-a-KYND” finds, each and every strain that they offer has been consciously curated with your individual needs in mind. Instead of the one size fits all approach, the team at KYND has taken the time to learn all about you. Their research and development team have dedicated their efforts to creating a range that elevates and enhances every KYND lifestyle. From sparking your creative juices to energizing, mood-boosters, every strain aims to deliver a well-balanced experience that will optimize your everyday.



Apple Fritter
Animals Cookies x Sour Apple

Critical Kush
Critical Mass x OG Kush

Wedding Crasher
Purple Punch x Wedding Cake

Tahoe OG
OG Kush Phenotype

Mr. Nasty
GMO X Grease Monkey

Lemon Butter
Lemon Puff x Peanut Butter Breath

Wedding Cake
Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Black Water OG
Mendo Purps x San Fernando Valley OG

Matanuska (Alaskan) Thunder F@#$

Super Lemon Haze
Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze
KYND will be available at all three of our stores this Friday, so head down to your local Oasis Cannabis dispensary and treat yourself to this one of a KYND flower!

For more information, visit:

#BeKYND & #FindYourOasis

Availability is subject to change. While supplies last on all products. Products may vary slightly by location.

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New Brand Alert – Origyn Now Available

New Brand Alert — Origyn Now Available

You heard it here first! Oasis Cannabis is bringing Origyn Extracts to the fine people of Arizona, and we have a great feeling about it. Here’s what to expect from the brand and a first look at the top-shelf products Origyn brings to the table.

Meet Origyn

Purity, preserved. Performance, peaked. Product, perfected.” Sure, it’s a tagline, but at Origyn, they’re walking the walk. The team is comprised of talented cannabis experts who share one focus — harnessing the raw power of the finest plants in the Origyn garden through next-level extractions. That means Origyn is hell-bent on surfacing the plant’s transformative benefits and sensorial properties through innovative extraction techniques that do one thing above all else—preserve the pure, high-quality, full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. Call them obsessive… in the very best way.

And you know what that means—the most authentic expression of the plant’s character, flavor, and fragrance, all in an effort to enhance your wellness, elevate your experience and expand the boundaries of cannabis as we know it.

Getting excited yet? We told you Origyn was good stuff!


Start with the (HTE) Cart

We launch this Friday, August 27, with six of Origyn’s HTE Cartridges:

• Garlotti Live Resin HTE
• LA Star Killer Cured HTE
• Cookie Glue Cured HTE
• Cherry Tang Cured HTE
• California Orange Cured HTE
• Jungle Juice Cured HTE

.5g Cured Resin terpenes ($35 each)
.5g Live Resin terpenes ($40 each)


These high-terpene extracts are exactly that, with a robust terpene profile that means unmatched flavor and fragrance. Origyn’s unique processes marry heat and pressure to preserve the terpenes exactly as they were on the flower, just like nature intended it. Plus, no cutting, thinning, or thickening agents are used in any of their products.
Mark your calendar, tie a string around your finger, or set an alarm—just don’t miss Origyn’s debut at all three Oasis Cannabis locations this Friday, August 27. We’ll see you then!


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No Flowers, No Problem!

No flowers? No problem!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’ve found yourself saving your shopping for the last-minute, we can help! Everyone knows that it’s the thought that counts, so make sure your Valentine knows they were on your mind with these 6 vape cartridges sure to sweeten up your Sunday!

Or, see all of the deals & giveaways we’ve got going on this weekend here

Lit Cannabis

  • Lit Cartridges have both distillate and sauce options available to choose from in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa types for the consumer of any level. Try popular flavors like Jolly Rancher, Banana Kush, Candyland and GDP to experience delicious full-spectrum botanical terpenes in each hit!

Read more about Lit carts here


Timeless Vapes

  • Taste the terps with a crowd favorite; solvent-free cartridges from Timeless vapes. Known for their tasty terps and variety of flavors, Timeless offers options from the newbie to the expert in both .5g and 1g sizes. Try their two newest flavors: “Berry gelato” or “Strawberry Shortcake” or a Noir live-terpene cartridge for an option with robust, natural flavors.

Read more about Timeless Refinery here


Copperstate Farms

  • Copperstate cartridges are perfect for those wanting to taste a distillate product made with locally, sun-grown bud! With a variety of flavors available in .5g options, Copperstate cartridges will add a sense of chill to your whole day.

Read more about Copperstate Farms here


Cresco Labs

  • If you have ever been curious about fresh frozen concentrates, look no further than the “Liquid Live Resin” cartridge options from Cresco! Each strain-specific .5g cartridge is labeled by a colored band indicating Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa and offers a heavier, stronger high than many run-of-the-mill distillate cartridges. This is great for the person who wants a big bang for their buck!

Read more about Cresco Labs here


Drip Oils + Extracts

  • Available in distillate and a proprietary “High terpene extract” (HTE) option, Drip allows consumers to experience full body and flavor in a beautiful package. Try flavors like Sour Diesel or King Louis today!

Read more about Drip here


  • Vapen is a premium, potent, and discreet brand with a large array of flavors and classifications to choose from. This is perfect for the new or returning consumer with it’s smooth hit and friendly flavors. Vapen carts are available in .5g options at all three locations!

Read more about Vapen here


Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your special someone, stop in and talk with a budtender about how to sweeten up your Valentine’s day this year!

Shop all products at Oasis here:


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What to Expect with Recreational Sales


Dear Oasis patients, the time has finally come for Arizona to implement recreational (adult use) sales. We are excited to help Arizona through this transition and want to thank every sponsor, advocate and patient who’s helped this cause. We are doing our absolute best to mitigate some of the foreseen hurdles in order to continue providing the best possible shopping experience. However, as we inch closer to this massive, industry-wide shift there are a few changes you can expect to see:


Longer lines & wait times

Currently, there are just over 240,000 medical marijuana patients in the state of Arizona sharing about ~120 dispensaries. When the flood gates open for recreational sales (age 21+), we will likely see the number of cannabis-buyers in Arizona increase significantly while still having to share the same number of dispensary locations. According to the 2019 Government Census (, there are approximately 5 million people in the state of Arizona eligible to purchase recreational marijuana – 60% of which voted yes on the legalization initiative (Prop 207).

Helpful tip:
Medical card holders will have access to our delivery service while recreational customers will not.

Order delivery here:


Product shortages

Over the last few weeks, many dispensaries have started taking measures in order to prevent anticipated product shortages. With that being said, newly implemented testing laws plus a rapidly growing industry has made for far greater demand than available supply in the market. Plus with an influx of viable customers for recreational sales, we expect product shortages to be commonplace industry-wide.

Helpful tip:
Medical card holders will have access to higher THC mg edibles than recreational customers and will have a specific medical inventory of products.


Higher prices

With recreational sales comes recreational taxes. Arizona voters willingly voted yes on Prop 207, which implements a minimum 16% tax on all recreational marijuana products. Along with taxation, increased demand and fewer supply in a recreational market will likely drive prices up across the board.

Helpful tip:
Medical card holders are exempt from paying recreational state taxes.


Fewer deals & promotions

Unfortunately, when there are industry-wide product shortages it likely means we will see some deals & promotions start to reduce. Many brands and dispensaries are starting to temporarily pause promotions, cumulative pricing structures and giveaways to ensure we have enough product available for everyone.

Helpful tip:
All customers will still have access to our point-based Loyalty Program.

Learn more about our Loyalty Program here:


While these changes may seem scary and unideal, they are a necessary part of increasing freedom for Arizonans.


Since approved by voters in November 2020, Prop 207 will:

– Legalize the sale, possession and consumption of one ounce of marijuana (of which 5 grams can be concentrate) for adults at least 21 years old.
– Generate $300 million in new revenue annually to fund community colleges, public safety, public health programs, and infrastructure.
– Ban smoking marijuana in public places like restaurants and open spaces like sidewalks and parks.
– Protect children by requiring all packaging be childproof and labeled, bans advertising to children and bans the sale of gummy bears, gummy worms and other products that resemble kids’ candy.
– Give the Department of Health Services more than $20 million annually for addiction prevention, substance abuse treatment, teen suicide prevention, mental health programs and other justice reinvestment projects.
– Do the right thing by providing an option for folks who were previously convicted of low-level marijuana charges to have their criminal records sealed so they have fair access to jobs and housing.
– Require AZDHS to limit the amount of THC (the chemical responsible for the “high” in marijuana) in edible marijuana products.
– Free up police to focus on real crime and hard drugs and unclogs the justice system which is currently backlogged with minor offenses.
– Create thousands of good-paying jobs across Arizona.



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5 Products to Help You Sleep Better


Here are 5 helpful strategies and products that may help you:


Keep a consistent sleep schedule with Pucks 3:1 PM gummies

  • Trying to wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day is easier said than done. But with a consistent routine, you will train your circadian rhythm to work on a healthy loop. If you find yourself lying awake for hours, waiting for sleep to come, prepare yourself with a pucks CBD gummy. Each gummy contains 15mg of CBD and 5mg of THC with an additional 5mg of melatonin. They’re also infused with Chamomile extract and essence of lavender to assist in a synergistic effect. Snag one an hour or so before bed and find it easier to drift off.

Read more about Pucks here:

Exercise more confidently before hitting the hay with MuV

  • A few jumping jacks, resistance band work, or even a brisk walk around the block can significantly help you to have a better night’s sleep. Avoid post-workout soreness and/or stiff joints with products from MuV like their transdermal patches, body butter or “Evolve Gel” – available in CBD and THC varieties. Their proprietary formulas encourage fast absorbency and are especially helpful to those with localized joint pain or soreness.

Read more about MuV here:

Supplement your current wellness routine with Dr. Joy’s Essentials

  • There are plenty of supplements on the market that claim to promote better sleep results, but not many of them are made with certified organic and natural options. This is especially true in the Cannabis industry where it’s particularly more difficult to get your products or crops certified organic. If you are in need of some life balance, try Dr Joy’s Essentials, full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Each product is non-GMO certified, and formulated by Dr. Joy Summers NMD with quality, potency and affordability in mind.

Read more about Dr. Joy’s Essentials here:

Relax and unwind (electronic-free) for at least one hour before bed with Canna Hemp

  • We know, it’s really hard to put your phone down, but the blue light coming from it and your television may be tricking your circadian rhythm into thinking it’s daytime and affecting your sleep patterns! Instead of winding down with social media, opt for products from Canna Hemp with their terpene-focused cartridges and tinctures, specially formulated to help you relax.

Read more about Canna Hemp here:

Make yourself comfortable with a Tru Infusion CBD gummy

  • Make yourself comfortable, and we mean really comfortable; like lie in a nest of pillows and blankets in your favorite pajamas in your softest socks. Bedtime is a really good opportunity to spoil yourself, and you’re not going to have a good night’s rest if you’re not physically comfortable. A 10mg CBD gummy form Tru Infusion can help you with that comfy, cozy feeling so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

Read more about Tru Infusion here:


Shop CBD at Oasis here:

Shop all products at Oasis here:


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Stocking Stuffer Giveaways


Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your patient friends, these stocking stuffers are sure to please. We’ll be featuring different giveaways each day leading up to Christmas. Come back each day and your stocking is sure to be full!


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Dr. Joy’s Essentials NEW Full-spectrum CBD products

Dr. Joy’s Essentials

AZ Lab Testing

Why Dr. Joy’s CBD?
– Made in a FDA-registered facility
– Uses patent-pending formulas
– All products have COAs and are third-party tested
– Crafted with certified organic, single-source hemp*
– Proudly women-owned

Now available exclusively at Oasis Cannabis dispensaries! Shop here

Or get it online and delivered by mail here

Visit her website here:


AZ Lab Testing


AZ Lab Testing

Dr. Joy’s Essentials CBD Isolate tinctures are a great place to start your CBD journey. This product contains organic, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) combined with the highest quality MCT oil. Naturally flavored with Berry or Citrus.

Dosing Information
One ½ dropper provides 16mg of CBD per dose. If you find that you require more milligrams of CBD per dose, level up! Our Level 2 (2000mg) and Level 3 (3000mg) options provide the same great flavors at higher potencies to ensure you get all the CBD you need.


AZ Lab Testing

Dr. Joy’s Essentials full-spectrum hemp oil tinctures provide 1000mg of active CBD as well as additional cannabinoids including CBC, CBG and CBN for a full entourage effect. Light and delicious, this product is available unflavored or naturally flavored with Peppermint or Berry.

For more info, visit:

*Dr. Joy’s Essentials CBD products are made with certified Oregon Tilth/USDA Organic hemp from a single source.


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HAZE Cannabis Co: Premium Concentrates available now!

“Lose Yourself in the Haze.”

HAZE Cannabis Co. is a premium cannabis extraction company from Phoenix, AZ. Specializing in live and cured concentrates, this unique brand boasts connoisseur-quality products whilst maintaining prices attractive to the everyday consumer. Our first run of cured batter, crumble, sugar wax & shatter is now available exclusively at Oasis Cannabis.


“Our mission is to lead the industry by example and simply provide high quality cannabis products at an affordable price.” Brendan Crogan, Head Extractor
AZ Lab Testing


HAZE concentrates range in price from $30-$55 depending on quality and exclusivity. Live Resin products coming soon!
AZ Lab Testing

See all of our lab testing and current available strains here:

AZ Lab Testing

“Lose Yourself in the HAZE.”

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Lit Carts: Arizona’s Newest Cannabis Company

“Life is Lit, let’s live it together.”

Lit Cannabis is Arizona’s newest lifestyle marijuana brand that specializes in high-quality vaporizer cartridges and accessories. Founded in 2020 – a year of seemingly endless chaos – Lit Cannabis brings a splash of color, positivity and quality to all stores it partners with. Lit carts are made with a minimum of 90% broad-spectrum, THC distillate plus a unique blend of both cannabis and botanically derived terpenes.

Lit Cannabis .5g carts are $35 each or 2/$50, 4/$75 or 6/$100 everyday through October 31st at all three Oasis Cannabis locations!
AZ Lab Testing


See lab testing for all flavors here:
AZ Lab Testing

AZ Lab Testing
AZ Lab Testing


AZ Lab Testing

“Life is Lit, let’s live it together.”

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