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Purity, preserved. Performance, peaked. Product, perfected.” The team at Origyn Extracts is comprised of talented cannabis experts who share one focus — harnessing the raw power of the finest plants in our gardens through next-level extractions. That means Origyn is hell-bent on surfacing the plant’s transformative benefits and sensorial properties through innovative extraction techniques that do one thing above all else — preserve the pure, high-quality, full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. Call them obsessive… in the very best way. 

And you know what that means—the most authentic expression of the plant’s character, flavor, and fragrance, all in an effort to enhance your wellness, elevate your experience, and expand the boundaries of cannabis as we know it. 

These high-terpene cartridges are exactly that, with a robust terpene profile that means unmatched flavor and fragrance. Origyn’s unique processes marry heat and pressure to preserve the terpenes exactly as they were on the flower, just like nature intended it. Plus, no cutting, thinning, or thickening agents are ever used in our products. 

HAZE Cannabis Co. 

Founded in 2019, HAZE Cannabis Co. is the perfect intersection between quality & affordability.

Quality comes first
We use some of the finest fresh frozen and cured cannabis material available in Arizona along with cutting edge extraction technology to produce all of our concentrate lines.

Transparency is Key
We are happy to provide a full lab panel for every strain of concentrates we produce and sell to the market. Available on our website at all times and accessible through a QR code on every package, we ensure transparency to what is (and isn’t) in our products.

More doesn’t mean better
Many of our concentrates will come in small batches only available at select dispensaries. We rotate strains and genetics to keep it fresh (and depending on what’s fresh).

For more information, test results & available strains visit

KYND Cannabis Company

Unlike most large-scale cannabis growers, KYND ensures every individual plant is given the time and attention it needs to produce the finest quality flower. This means whether they’re cloning or growing, harvesting or packaging, each KYND expert focuses on just one stage of the cannabis process—honing their craft, doing what they do best to harvest the highest quality at peak potency. 

 What strains are available? 

From the big names we all know and love to one-of-a-KYND finds, each and every strain that they offer has been consciously curated with your individual needs in mind. Instead of the one size fits all approach, the team at KYND have taken the time to learn all about you. Their research and development team have dedicated their efforts to creating a range that elevates and enhances every KYND lifestyle. From sparking your creative juices to energizing, mood-boosters, every strain aims to deliver a well-balanced experience that will optimize your everyday.